Chamber works:

Tricks, for NODE Ensemble (2012)

Question, for Piano Trio (2013)

Please, for String Quartet (2013)

Nine, a work for Guitar Orchestra in 3 Movements (2013)

Jitters, for Two Pianos (2014)

Without, for Chamber Ensemble, Electronics and Dancers (2014)

Colour Shift, for Violin and Piano (2015)

Firelight, for Plus Minus Ensemble (2015)

Works for voice and ensemble:

Song for Insomniac Riggers, for Soprano, String Quartet, and Live Electronics (2015)

Sunrise Mix, for Soprano, Baritone, String Quartet, Harp and Electronics (2016)

Large Ensemble:

Escapology, for Large Ensemble (2016)


Fields, for Two Percussionists, Bass Clarinet and Electronics (2016)

Vocal works:

Eternity, for EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble (2015)

Solo works:

Run, for Dr. John Feeley (2013)


Emergency (2013)

Bang (2014)


Sundown, for the Dublin Laptop Orchestra (2013)

Soundtrack work

Pub Friction (student film) (2014)


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