News – Sinfonietta Piece

I’m very pleased to announce my new project, which is going to be a ten to fifteen minute piece for sinfonietta; this will likely be performed in March or April of next year.

The sketches are going well – the piece is very much influenced by electronics; the harmony is based on a rototom spectrum, but with a twist; I’ve taken this spectrum, played it on piano, and subjected it to various kinds of electronic manipulation; like running it though Melodyne (pitch correction software, more usually used on pop vocals) to artificially increase the sustain of individual components of the sound so that they ‘bleed’ together in a very unnatural way.

For added complication, the rhythmic fabric of the piece is based on the amplitude modulation of the individual partials within a waveform too – for this I used a Max/MSP patch which looks for transients (sudden changes in amplitude), within a sound, and which outputs a MIDI note any time it finds one; the results of this have been rather interesting so far, a bit like incredibly rhythmic morse code.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 22.07.36

Also happening is a new piece for two percussionists, bass clarinet and electronics; this piece is going to probably involve more modular scoring so as to enable the electronic component of the piece to be totally live, as opposed to tape-based, which is of course, well and good, but why do things the easy way? 🙂


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