Without – Live at the Place Theatre (Video)

This is my recent collaboration with choreographer Connor Williams at The Place Theatre.

It is called ‘Without’, and it is about the continuum between stillness and movement; movement within stillness, stillness within movement.
When we wrote it, the questions we were asking were: when does something become active, when is change inevitable, can something be still even when it is moving or changing?

How it works:
Three violins are set up in three separate corners of the room, and trade material throughout the piece, initially, they play drones, and very still, sustained material, and as the piece grows, their material becomes increasingly rhythmic. The idea is to generate movement from a point of stillness, and, eventually when that movement comes, it is sustained, and so is another point of stillness in itself.

The separation of the players in the space draws attention to the dialogue between them, and even when they are playing drones, interest is generated through the overlap in what they play.

The weird sound you occasionally hear is a piano with all of the attack phase removed, it plays a nine-note chord based on spectral analysis of the the low G of the violin.

A studio recording is coming soon.



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