Monthly Archives: February 2015

Writing for EXAUDI

I’m pleased to announce that a new piece I have been working on, based on Arthur Rimbaud’s ‘L’Eternité’, is going to be performed by EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble at The Milton Court Concert Hall on Monday, March 30th. Suffice to say, I’m pretty excited about this. More about the piece, and the process of writing it soon.

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Recording ‘Without’

On Friday, I’m going into the studio to begin to record my piece ‘Without’, which was written in collaboration with choreographer Connor Williams, and premiered at The Place Theatre last December. Its for three violins, piano, percussion and live electronics.

Its quite different from a lot of what I have done before, in that it is concerned with stillness, movement, and continuum between the two, as well as movement within stillness or stillness within movement.

It still features some of the weird rhythms that I often use, but they appear in this piece for completely different reasons.

I can’t wait for you all to hear it 🙂