Crash Ensemble – Free State 8


Last Thursday, Crash Ensemble performed my piece for Piano Trio – ‘Question’, as part of their annual open call showcase event, Free State. This years’ event was guest-curated by Raymond Deane, whose ‘Passage Work’ closed the programme.

The full programme was:

Barry O’Halpin : Lethargarian

Bebhinn Nic Dhomhnaill : Dimensions

Elis Czerniak : Rotate

Chris McCormack : Question for Piano Trio

Dermot McDermott : Chivaree

Sean Clancy : Fourteen Minutes of Music on the subject of Greeting Cards

Guest Curator – Raymond Deane : Passage Work


It was a great gig, I was really proud to be part of it and to be exhibited among some extremely talented people. Crash were incredible, as always – my piece is ferociously difficult to put together, but they absolutely nailed it.

Before the show, The Contemporary Music Centre held a round-table discussion about Contemporary Irish Music, which I took part in – I should hopefully have a recording of that, and a recording of Crash performing ‘Question’ soon.



From before the roundtable discussion. From left to right:

Bebhinn Nic Dhomhnaill, Dermot McDermott, Sean Clancy, Myself, Elis Czerniak, Barry O’Halpin and Raymond Deane. 






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