Monthly Archives: February 2014

Concert Hall Gig

I’m pleased to announce that I will be playing in the National Concert Hall in March. I’m going to be performing my own piece, ‘Run’, which was originally written for Dr. John Feeley, and I will also be performing a piece from Roland Dyens’ Libra Sonatine.


This means I will be practicing A LOT this month…

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Listening to

This has been the soundtrack to my week:

1. Kurt Rosenwinkel and OJM – Our Secret World

Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the best living guitarists, in my estimation – and this record features some killer arrangements. The soloing on this number is absolutely incredible.

2. Moderat – Moderat

Moderat’s new record is great, but I keep on coming back to this track from their début – it’s a brilliant piece of sound design, with clarity and depth in equal measure.

3. Thomas Ades – Chased Overhead

I’ve been getting more and more in Ades recently – I think this is my favourite at the minute. It has a brilliant sense of narrative and line.

4. George Friedrich Haas – In Vain

I first heard this nearly a year ago, at a screening in Trinity College – we watched the Simon Rattle performance in the dark. Absolutely terrifying.

5. Kevin Shields and Patti Smith – The Coral Sea

A very intense listen from a somewhat unlikely pairing, Shields’ guitar accompaniment is restrained but incredibly effective – the second CD in particular, showcases some beautiful chord voicings, while Smith is, as always, completely unrestrained and honest in what she does.