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Film Soundtracks, Guitar Orchestras and other nice things

So, I’ve decided to start one of these blog things, and to put this website to use.

At the minute I’m working on a soundtrack for a student film. It’s got an absolutely filthy script, and the brief for the gig, musically speaking, was to get somewhere between MGMT and Trent Reznor’s work on The Social Network. I’m happy with how it has turned out so far – the entire project was done in Logic, which has been a nice change. The majority of the music I have been composing over the last year has been acoustic ‘contemporary classical’ music (whatever that means), and spending my life listening to the sounds of Sibelius was starting to drive me crazy – any composers out there will relate to this The flipside of this is that I had almost forgotten just how slow composing electronic music can be, because you get into a feedback loop of writing, listening, changing things and going back to write some more, all the while taking care of the overall production – it can be difficult to parse the writing, editing and mixing workflows apart from one another and stay productive, but in any case, I’ve uploaded the project in various states of completion for your listening pleasure.

Other cool things that are happening:

This Sunday, I’m starting rehearsals with GuitaRIAM ensemble, who I also play with – they are taking on a new piece that I have written for them, along with some other works by Paolo Bellinati and Leo Brouwer. I’ll be uploading more information about this project in the coming weeks.


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